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Podcast: New Areas of Migraine Research

When Dr. Timothy Smith started his medical career, there was little knowledge of migraine and few treatments. Over the last several decades, Smith – who is now CEO of StudyMetrix in St. Peters, Missouri – has seen leaps in understanding about the disorder, and has led clinical trials that have helped bring effective treatments to patients.


“In the last five to seven years, we've launched into new areas of research that have looked at new molecular targets. So, we have a whole host of new preventive therapies, acute therapies and even neuromodulation devices and other ways of trying to improve the patients’ lives.”


In this episode of Behind the Research with Biohaven, you’ll learn about the latest research, and how sufferers can help themselves and others struggling with this complicated and challenging disorder. Dr. Smith also touches on his own experience with migraine and discusses the costs of it being a widely misunderstood and often overlooked medical condition.